I am curious as a cat, so I started my shop as an experiment. I wanted to play around with ideas, wanted to start something new, something of my own. I have this huge love, or rather say, addiction for good, ol’ stuff. Soon I discovered that there is one thing I like even more than cleaning out granny’s attic: the biz. I have always been searching for something creative to do - having a business is by far the most creative journey of all.

When it comes to vintage, I like many things. Of course, I can’t resist those sleek design classics and immaculate high-quality pieces that are meant to last forever. But it must be vintage with a twist. Pieces that are quirky, a bit extraordinary, strange even and colorful, mostly catch my eye and I just have to drag them home.

German Vintage has a very special angle on design. It is colorful and playful, yet rather conservative. It is very well designed with a strong focus on usability and sustainability. There are brands like Krups for example, a household name in Germany, a company that sells kitchenware like mixers but at the same time had the most amazing clock designs of the era. It is not a coincidence that German vintage items are still in fully working order and also high in demand. For me, German design means reliability and timelessness.

What I really enjoy about having a shop is communicating with customers all over the world. It just makes my day if I can help someone to find something special. I have heard so many good and heartwarming tales about vintage - I should write a book some day. To every piece there are several stories. The one you research about the maker and you hear from the person you buy it from. Then the story that led you to that piece and your own emotion and experience with it. And then the one that will only be told by the next owner. The past, the present and the future - and these stories will add on and be passed on from generation to generation.


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